Whaddya Get When You Throw A Dozen Lawyers At $2 Million?

You might remember the headlines back in May about some unsavory accusations against the Dallas Mexican Consulate -- the ones that dubbed the place "a lawless world where rules do not exist, where corruption, ethical violations, bribery and kickbacks reign supreme?" In the last few months, we've covered the story a few times here on Unfair Park.

Well, this week you can read the whole story in the paper version of Unfair Park. It all started back in 2006, when a bereaved woman arrived at the consulate after the father of her four children was killed in a job-site accident. In 2008 she agreed to a $5 million settlement from the companies involved, and three years later, what Judge Bruce Priddy has called a "rather messy case" drags on, pitting prominent lawyers against one another, prompting accusations of mob-style assaults and raising ethical questions about the consulate's practices regarding attorney referrals.

Read to the end and we'll give you a Brilliant and Tenacious Reader award.

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