What Had Ryan Evans So Worried

So here's the crime-stats story Dallas First Assistant City Manager Ryan Evans warned the city council about Friday evening. Looks like he had good reason to want to get ahead of Steve Thompson and Tanya Eiserer, who looked at a single week's worth of police reports -- July 1 through July 7 of this year -- and wrote that the Dallas Police Department's been classifying some aggravated assaults as lesser offenses to pad the declining-stats sheet.

Chief David Kunkle says that's not the case; City Manager Mary Suhm says she's fine with whatever the outgoing chief does; Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway wants a full accounting before the council's Public Safety Committee, which he chairs; and outside experts and local crime-watchers wonder, yet again, if DPD is "trying to cook the books" to keep Dallas out of the violent-crime No. 1 slot.


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