What Some Locals Want in a "Complete Street." (Hint: More Lights, Trees and Buried Utilities.)

Speaking of "complete streets" ...

For many months now City Hall's been trying to wrap its head around the Complete Streets concept in the hopes of finishing up a street-design manual and implementation how-to's by year's end. Which is why, beginning last fall, Sustainable Development began workshopping Complete Streets all over town, from the far north to Fair Park and points in between, inviting folks to see a few of those, you know, better blocks whilst offering their two cents about what's needed in their respective parts of town.

Last night a good Friend of Unfair Park sent word: The city has just posted the results of those meet-n-greets -- 15 total, each with its own multi-page wrap-up including charts and comments and marked-up aerial-view maps. Such as: In my part of the Great Northwest, folks want more streetlights on Royal Lane between Stemmons and Webb Chapel, its speed limit upped to 40 and more trails ... for starters. Meanwhile, along Henderson, folks wants trees, bike racks, trees, lights and trees. One thing everyone seems to want, across the board: "underground utilities."

Read all the wants and needs here. And while there, bookmark the page: "Conceptual designs for the pilot projects based on the community input received at the city-wide workshops will be posted on this website in March 2012."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.