What the Frack?

This morning's Wall Street Journal investigates the cause of the 18 earthquakes that have rattled the Dallas-Fort Worth area since 2008 -- from just east of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport down to Cleburne most recently -- and concludes, well, ya know, not really sure. Because on the one hand, you've got experts like SMU's Brian Stump who say it's waaaaaay too soon to blame the temblors on natural gas drilling. But on the other, there's regular ol' lunch-eatin' Patty Hughes, who says, well, if those quakes aren't being caused by the high-pressure fracturing of natural gas wells, "It just seems like the biggest coincidence in history."

And then there's this theory:

Earthquake chatter has dominated conversation in recent days at the Chaf In, a local coffee shop where some patrons joked that the earthquakes are God's retribution for the town's recent reversal of its 106-year-old ban on liquor sales.

That. I'd go with that.

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