Whatever You Do, Don't Sip the Water of Life. It's Really Crazy Juice.

Doyle Davidson

My in-box has been filling up of late with messages concerning the most bizarre, fascinating love-hate story I’ve ever come across: the passion of preacher Doyle Davidson for his so-called “wife,” Lisa Staton, about whom we've written plenty over the last couple of years. Still, the story grows even stranger with things like, oh, demons cast out on air, women prancing around the pulpit in pink ballet slippers and Davidson’s death threats to Lisa’s real husband. “Everybody is saying, ‘Where’s the Kool-Aid?’” says one former member. YouTube is filled with videos of Davidson's sermons.

Davidson’s Plano church, Water of Life, came under scrutiny in the tragic case of Dena Schlosser, a church member who cut off her baby’s arms while in a psychotic state, influenced in part by the preacher’s rantings about the devil and demonic spirits. Since the Schlosser trial in 2006, Davidson’s following has dwindled. Protests from viewers have gotten his broadcasts kicked off four stations. (His nutty preaching airs in Dallas on KLDT-Channel 55, which is based in Lewisville.)

For years, Davidson has preached in the pulpit and on TV about God giving him Lisa as a wife. Problem is, Lisa is already married to J.R. Staton and, after a torrid affair with Davidson, wants nothing more to do with him. The couple has been in hiding for several years. Which hasn't stopped Davidson from posting such messages as, "You need to humble yourself and know that I have authority to deal with you, and I will."

With the help of members of his congregation, Davidson found the Statons this spring, prompting a ludicrous confrontation in a Richardson parking lot, all chronicled in his regular “Messages for Lisa," which was last updated on Saturday. Here are a few postings from March:

March 29, 2008 10:38 PM

News for Lisa D

I just returned with Kathy Currier [a new Water of Life minister] from Richardson where JR and Lisa called the Richardson Police and they and the hotel security people informed me if I came back I would be arrested.

Kathy and I were setting on the parking lot praying…Lisa came and blocked my car so I could not drive away and called the police. She and JR told the police I was stalking her. Kathy and I had not said a word to her or JR. We were setting on the Homestead Hotel parking lot located on East Campbell in Richardson. I will be talking to management about this situation on Monday…


March 28, 2008 11:20 PM


I did not want to write these words, but I know I must: You looked terrible, face swollen and even fat. I could not tell for sure, but you looked overweight and most certainly dirty. That is what sin will do. I know the spirit in JR wants to kill you. I will not let that happen. I have the faith and authority to deliver you. JR, as we talked tonight, you insisted on knowing who told me where you lived. Well, God led Terry and Kathy Mai [his daughter and son-in-law] to the place you live, and they recognized Lisa's car that I paid for and your pickup, and as you say the rest is history.


March 24, 2008, 10:53 PM

I know where you live, Lisa. Marvelous, Marvelous, Marvelous.

Good night,


Davidson's new obsession: John, a child he is meant to have with Mrs. Staton. (Neither the Statons or Davidson returned e-mails.) You can’t make this stuff up. --Glenna Whitley

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