Gary Griffith says of Tom Leppert and Max Wells: They "simply miss the mark." Oh, no, he dint.

Wherein Gary Griffith Tries to Remind People He's Running for Mayor

Till now, Gary Griffith's mayoral campaign has been distinguished by his taste for cheese and his profound ability to fear-monger in the absence of idea-mongering. (Most recently, he's also come out for La Popular -- "a Dallas institution and home to my favorite Mexican food.")

But this morning, Griffith's setting aside his obsession with "starter heroin" and taking on two of his opponents in the mayoral race: Tom Leppert and Max Wells. Seems Griffith ain't fond of Wells' idea of creating a so-called "Anti-Crime District," which would be funded with a a �-cent sales tax "to provide more than $100 million annually in new and dedicated dollars to fight crime." Griffith calls it extortion. No kidding: He says so right here. "The Max Wells Tax Plan is based on the premise of extorting taxpayers to provide public safety," reads Griffith's Monday-morning whassup.

There, you will also find his his dismissal of Tom Leppert. Seems Griffith ain't too impressed by the whole successful-businesman thing upon which the former Turner Construction Co. bossman's been coasting the last few weeks. And our own Matt Pulle called it a couple weeks back, when he wrote, "The other candidates clearly don't like him and are going to start seriously attacking him very soon." Very soon is here today: Says G.G. in his release, "Beyond his business resume, [Leppert's] campaign is about reciting bumper sticker phrases and feel-good platitudes." Aw, look, this mayoral election's all growed up. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.