Whitt's End: 8.12.11

Whether you've reached the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End:

*Just stop it with the calls for Stephen McGee to get more playing time, or even be elevated to No. 2. Watch the game. He's horrible. He can overcome sloppy footwork, inaccuracy and a lack of pocket presence against third-stringers, but ... just stop.

*With still more than 1/4th of the season left (44 games), next week's four-game series in Anaheim isn't crucial to the Rangers. Unless there's a sweep. Either way.

*I was rooting against this year's streak of consecutive 100-plus degree days. Why? So I can be a gloating old-timer who recalls living through the record summer. "It's not as hot as it was in 1980 ... " Today? Just another hot summer day in north Texas. Sorry.

*Dear Texas A&M: You need the Big 12 a lot more than the Big 12 needs you. But if you think a Saturday afternoon at The Swamp sounds more fun than one in Waco, tear your ass. Big 12 replacement if Aggies bolt: Houston? Maybe even TCU? As we've learned with conference commitments, they don't mean shit.

*Okay, here goes. Your monthly radio ratings. (Why do I constantly feed my attackers with fresh bullets?) For the gazillionth time, 1310 AM The Ticket is the king. But it's also time some of you stubbornly funny folks stop talking about 105.3 The Fan in terms of "pulling a 1.8." In afternoon drive RAGE again beat 103.3 FM ESPN and those ominous predictions of "flipping the format" have long been ridiculous. Bon appetit. For July 2011 in Men 25-54: OVERALL -- Ticket 5.7 (2nd in demo), ESPN 3.4 (8), Fan 3.4 (8); A.M. DRIVE -- Ticket 7.9, ESPN 4.1, Fan 3.7; MIDDAY -- Ticket 7.5, Fan 4.2, ESPN 2.6; P.M. DRIVE -- Ticket 8.3, Fan 4.0, ESPN 3.5; EVENING -- ESPN 5.3, Fan 2.6, Ticket 2.3; WEEKEND -- ESPN 2.5, Fan 2.0, Ticket 1.0.



*Cowboys' first-team defense wasn't too impressive, allowing 40 yards rushing and 3 points on its first drive. But the first play was cool. Didn't see this at the game because I was skeedaddling from the 105.3 The Fan pre-game show outside up to the press box, but watching TiVo this morning it looks like defensive coordinator Rob Ryan had the Cowboys line up in Tom Landry's old Flex for the first snap. Only time this year ever you'll see linebacker Kenwin Cummings (wearing Randy White's old No. 54) lined up at defensive tackle, three yards off the ball and in a four-point stance. Kinda funny.

*I feel bad for giggling at Tiger Woods' demise. Cheated away his wife, fired his swing coach, fired his caddie and is now 14 shots back in majors he used to own. But then it quickly dissipates and return to giggling even more. Karma.

*I've been known to make a typo or three, but last night the Cowboys goofed on the name of one of their own players. On JumboJerry in the third quarter was a "Footy vs. Football" video segment featuring punter Mat McBriar. Only it featured "Matt" McBriar. Oops.

*Awoke Wednesday morning to two words sure to ruin your day: Flat. Tire.

*Rise of the Planet of the Apes? Thumbs up. Not as much ape-human combat as you're expecting, but it's entertaining with a thoughtful plot that's difficult to poke glaring holes in. And, hint, stay after the credits. 'Splains a lot.

*Hey, I didn't know J.D. Ryan was back on radio? Great to hear him with Jody Dean's morning show on KLUV 98.7. Yes, I'm talking about Russ Martin's old J.D. Ryan.

*You can have your country geetar, I'll take Fatboy Slim.

*Can't believe you guys let me slide on this one. Remember back when I was theorizing that Jon Kitna was going to retire after last season? Um, nope. He had his 13-year-old son down at training camp, working on quarterbacking every day. In the spirit of accountability, my bad.

*Just a reminder because I haven't told you in a while: I love really like each and every one of you guys in here. You may not like every single item that's served on the daily buffet and you may claim to hate the cook, but you consistently keep coming back to the restaurant. This blog's numbers have never been better and for that, again, a sincere thanks. Carry on.

*Speaking of White, saw him at the game last night and even at 58 he still looks like he can kick some serious ass. And, yes, he confirmed the old story that he once stuffed mouthy linebacker Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson in a trash can.

*Not sure what was going on exactly, but on the Cowboys radio pre-game show, Broncos owner Pat Bowlen said three times that quarterback Tim Tebow wasn't going to play last night. This was as we were watching Tebow warm-up on the field. Reporter Krisit Scales asked him three different ways and he kept saying nope. Weird.

*This weekend? No obligations Saturday or Sunday. Ahhh. May get re-acquainted with my swimming pool. Don't be a stranger.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.