"Who the Hell is Herb Kelleher?"

One week ago today the Dallas City Council made good on its promise to rename a small stretch of Cedar Springs -- from Mockingbird to Contrail Lane, which is the street just before Love Field's parking garages -- to Herb Kelleher Way, so named, of course, for the founder of Southwest Airlines. As you may recall, that was then-Mayor Tom Leppert's proposal, seconded by Delia Jasso and Linda Koop. But the idea started with Sam Coats, who ran for mayor last go-round and finally persuaded Kelleher to accept the honor after much prodding.

Coats and Kelleher were in front of the horseshoe last week -- then, again, at Love Field, where the new street sign was debuted in front of an audience that included Mayor Dwaine Caraway. Southwest's chief chain-smoker took the podium on both occasions, as did Coats, to say a few words about "this very sweet occasion" and "sublime honor." Kelleher's stand-up routine follows. Says he: "I am realistic enough to know Herb Kelleher Way does not make me immortal. The next generation driving into Love Field will probably ask, 'Who the hell is Herb Kelleher?' But I passionately thank the Dallas City Council for at least provoking the question."

Herb Kelleher Way from swapa on Vimeo.

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