Why Oklahoma Is, In Fact, OK

Speaking of the U.S. Attorney's Office and thwarted plans ...

Yesterday, the Acting United States Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma announced that three men, all previously convicted felons, will serve a combined 37 years in prison for having guns and ammo and much, much more in their rental car. And what, precisely, did Edward Katsuaki Shigemura, John E. Kitchell and John Harvey Sprous -- from Missouri and Illinois -- plan to do with the weapons, spotted by Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers during a routine traffic stop in February? Hard to say. But authorities did find the following, per the press release issued Thursday:

Troopers then searched the interior of the rental car. Troopers found in the trunk of the car five handguns and a rifle; five of the guns were loaded. Troopers also discovered in the trunk of the car handcuffs, heavy-duty zip ties, duct tape, gloves, a black hat with the letters "FBI," a black hat with the letters "NARC," a police scanner and a map of Dallas-Ft. Worth with the DFW airport circled. A backpack in the trunk had $41,983 in cash. Kitchell had $17,504.36 in his pocket, and Shigemura had $2,870.39 on him; Sprous had $11.18 in his pocket. The money found in the trunk of the car was tested by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and found to contain drug residue.

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