Why'd Mayor Tom Really Quit Early?

U.S. Senate candidate Tom Leppert posted to his website today a piece titled "Serious Leadership," in which he says he's just the man to take Kay Bailey's place in D.C. because, look, "I'm not a career politician and I didn't expect to be in this position. I'm a businessman." Of course, he also used to be a mayor. At least, till he quit a few months before his first term was up to run for higher office.

Which reminds me: Yesterday Leppert spoke with The Hill about how he wasn't -- not really -- looking for John Cornyn's endorsement when he had some "positive conversations" with the head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Further down in the piece, writer Sean Miller brings up Leppert's decision to scoot in February and mentions that might make him "vulnerable to the charge that he's a quitter." To which Not Mayor Tom says: Hogwash!

"When we came in, we laid out some specific objectives and priorities," he said. "I think everybody understands that [in] each one of those areas, we not only completed them, but we exceeded projections.

"I think people feel good about that," he continued. "I think people also understand that although it was a couple months short of the end of the term, the reality was that most of the council races are contested. So from a policy standpoint, there was very little that was going to be accomplished in the next couple months anyway."

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Robert Wilonsky
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