Woman Who Helped Spark McKinney Pool Melee Speaks Out

Tracey Carver, the woman in the middle of the fight that led to McKinney police officer Eric Casebolt and his coworkers being called to bust up a pool party, has fled to California. Carver says she fears for her and her family's safety after receiving threats over her reportedly using racial slurs against a group of black teenagers before being seen on video fighting with a black woman near the pool in Carver's Craig Ranch subdivision.

Tuesday, Carver held a news conference to defend her actions and tell people that she is not a racist. Flanked by lawyer Gloria Allred and her husband's black best friend, Aaron Clark, Carver told the world that she was merely trying to bust up a fight between her friend and a person attending of an out-of-control pool party when she was caught on video punching a woman or girl in the head. Initially, according to Carver, the teens who would later be seen running from and being confronted by McKinney police were at a cookout near the pool but outside of the pool fence.

Carver says dozens of kids began streaming into the pool area. As residents are allowed only two guests each at the pool, security began asking people at the pool to verify that they were supposed to be there. Carver says everyone was asked for the same verification, but some of the black teenagers at the party have suggested that they were targeted and that Craig Ranch residents called them racial slurs and suggested that the teens return to their "Section 8" housing.

According to Carver, the fight she was trying to break up started when one of the people at the pool, who Carver said was over 18, attacked her friend with minimal provocation. As Carver tried to get away, she was hit in the back with a red ICEE, she said. After video of the incident became public, Carver became a target on social media. People identified her employer, CoreLogic Inc., and demanded that she be fired.

Casebolt, who was seen on video pulling his gun on a group of teenage boys before tackling a teenage girl and pinning her to the ground with his knee, has since resigned from the McKinney Police Department. The Texas Rangers are investigating the case.

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