Yes, But Is It Art? Landmark Would Prefer Painting Go on Fridge, Maybe, But Not Gate.

I just had Schutze come take a look at the artwork you see above. I explained to him: Stephen Lovelace, who lives on Worth Street in Junius Heights, wants to use this large piece as a driveway gate the city has made him take down as it's presently out of code. The gate, along with the Fair Park tower of power, is on the Landmark Commission's list of look-sees today. Junius Heights has historic designation -- has for about five years -- and neighborhoods so designated have special and specific preservation criteria, as spelled out in this here ordinance.

The house is owned by James Parsons, who's fine with Lovelace's art gate. But Landmark's task force is not. Neither is city staff. Both have denied the application for a certificate of appropriateness without prejudice. Says the task force: "The painting on the gate is not historically appropriate."

Schutze used to live two streets over, on Victor. He doesn't understand the task force's denial. Says Jim: "I used to live two doors down from a guy who had an up-ended bathtub that served as the grotto for a Virgin Mary. And we respected it."

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