Yet Another Exciting Addition to Fair Park: "Proposed Cotton Bowl Museum." Pardon?

Shame about this weather -- if only because the ice and snow put the kibosh on our plans to head down to Fair Park this morning for a meeting of the Landmark Commission's Fair Park Task Force, which was called on account of the weather. Because, you see, there was this one item of note on the agenda that piqued our interest: "Briefing on proposed Cotton Bowl museum."


I mean, there have been all kinds of whispers about some kind of museum going into the Cotton Bowl ever since the $57-million renovation was ribbon-cut back in September 2008. But, finally: Specifics!

Willis Winters, the assistant director of City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department, was scheduled to make this morning's presentation. But when I spoke to him this afternoon, he said he couldn't say much about the museum. Seems there was a press conference scheduled for last week that was called on account of, well, last week. So Winters will defer, for now, to higher authorities to reveal the details about said museum.

I tried, though -- kept him on the phone for forever, pleading. When asked what he was going to talk about this morning, Winters said he was prepared to present to the task force a "very preliminary conceptual design, which will be a spectacular addition to Fair Park and spectacular new attraction for Dallas."

Yes, Mr. Winters, sir, but is it a ...

"I think it's fair to say it's a football-themed museum that will have significant ties to the history of the city and the Cotton Bowl."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.