You Can Give a Kid Breakfast. But You Can't Make a Kid Eat It.

Texas may suck at a lot of things relating to children -- worst in teen birth rate, most uninsured kids in the nation, million-dollar high school football stadiums -- but at least we feed our children. So says the Center for Public Policy Priorities, usually the bearer of gloom and doom, in a press release today:

“Ninety-nine percent of Texas schools participate in the national School Breakfast Program, ranking Texas 7th best in the country, according to a report released today by the national Food Research and Action Center (FRAC). The report, School Breakfast Scorecard 2007, also finds that more than a million low-income Texas children are eating breakfast at school.”

But it’s not all good news, says CPPP: “For every 100 low-income children that participated in the School Lunch Program in Texas, only 53 also ate breakfast." The report's available here as an Excel file; you can see for yourself your own school district's participation. --Jesse Hyde

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