Young People Still Hate Dallas

You may have seen some of the breathless headlines. "In the heat of summer, Forbes says Dallas is cool." "No surprise that Texas has some of the coolest cities in America." "Dallas Among Top 10 'Coolest Cities in America'."

But here's the deal, Dallas: Houston and Austin have both outcooled us. And it's all because young people hate it here.

The storied arbiters of cool at Forbes compiled 10 cities across the country they deemed to be the coolest. The report included factors such as arts, culture and recreation indices, as well as diversity and number of local eateries.

The most telling numbers, though, show the percentage of cities' populations aged 20 to 34 and the percentage of people that move there. The cooler the city, the more young people reside in, or are moving to, that city.

The numbers show that fewer young people live in Dallas than in Austin or Houston. We admit we're not sure exactly why: We have more arts and culture available than Austin, according to the figures. We have more recreational activities. We're more diverse. It's easier for young people to buy a house in Dallas than in most other cities on the list, too.

But for some reason, young people are overwhelmingly flocking to Austin and Houston, which ranked third and fourth on the list respectively. We barely squeaked into the top 10 list, taking the 10th spot.

Maybe it's because we're Tragically Mainstream?

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.