Your Dallas Cowboys: Super Bowl or ... 7-9?

By now we've come to expect it from Dallas Cowboys' larger-than-life owner Jerry Jones. The man does everything grande: Signings. Stadiums. Expectations. The works.

He is, after all, Jumbo Jerry.

So last week when he says "I have a hope and feel" that the Cowboys are good enough to win a Super Bowl, we're not real surprised. A little energized, admittedly, but not shocked.

But I don't understand this week's statements from Emmitt Smith. Oh for a change I actually comprehend what he's saying, I just don't get it.

The NFL's all-time leading rusher was on some promotional pork tour when he went on Sirius Radio and projected, yep, 7-9. That's right, seven wins. Ouch.

His thesis: Quarterback Tony Romo isn't a leader.

"I never saw him go snatch somebody up, and say, 'Hey, we can't win like this. We can't have guys jumping offsides. I can't have guy coming at me unabated. Who is making the mistakes up front? Why aren't you picking this guy up? This is not going down this way. If you can't get your job done, get off the football field,' " Smith said. "So when you have your off-season and you say things are going to change and you've never been that dominant personality or in that leadership position then, as a player, you lose me. You lost me. I'm sitting there saying, 'OK, now you're going to become a leader?' What happened when we had all this great talent over here and we had a chance to go, not only in the playoffs, but in the first round of the playoffs when we got knocked out both times? "Now all of a sudden you're going to change? And our talent level is less than it was two years ago? How much better can we be?"

Not that I necessarily disagree with Emmitt. I've long yearned for Romo to be more demonstrative and less shrug-shoulders on the field and off. But - barring multiple injuries to offensive linemen - I don't see this team totally imloding into a losing outfit.

Jerry says Super Bowl. Emmitt says bust. I say 9-7.

Prediction time: How 'Bout Them 2009 Cowboys?

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.