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Your Up-to-Date Murder and Car Burglary Statistics. And One of Them Ain't Dropping.

The council's Public Safety Committee's got a noon meeting on Monday, and even before Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle's surprise retirement announcement yesterday, they had plenty on their plates, including a look at the car burglary stats. There's even a Top 10 List, with the truck stop at 7425 Bonnie View Road considered the worst place to leave your ride (80 break-ins reported so far this year). But it's not all truck stops and Walmarts and topless joints (Baby Dolls!); rounding out the list is NorthPark Center, which brings up the rear at 30 broken windows reported so far in 2009.

Says the DPD, the number of auto break-ins is on the decline -- has been for years, but, well, you know where this is going, right? Right. Which brings us to the murder stats -- no decline there. During all of 2008, there were somewhere between 132 and 134 homicides accounted for in Dallas; with almost two months left to go in 2009, that number's already up to 141. (And, yes, there's some discrepancy here: The chart above says 134; the report prepared for the briefing says 132.) One thing to note: It used to be that Wednesday was, by far, the day of the week during which you were most likely to get killed in Dallas. Now, Friday and Sunday vie for the title, with Saturday and Monday coming in a close second.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.