You're More Than Welcome to This Free Home in University Park. There's Just One Thing ...

... which is, you gotta move it from where it currently sits at 3909 University Boulevard. That's right smack next to the parking lot at Highland Park Presbyterian Church, which has big plans to make its parking lot, well, much bigger -- plans that call for paving over not just 3909 University (which, says DCAD, is 3,256 square feet o' house built in '46), but also two smaller homes at 3908 and 3912 McFarlin Boulevard, both built in the 1920s.

The McFarlin houses, though, have new homes: They'll be moved to West Dallas, where HPPC has a long-standing relationship with, among other ministries across the Trinity River, Mercy Street, with whom HPPC is building a sports complex. Sandra Cude, president of the Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society, isn't sure why the University house isn't also getting a new home -- she thinks, frankly, "it might cost more to move" than the smaller joints on McFarlin. I've left messages for HPPC officials.

"We just hope there's a person out there who can take a house like this," says Cude, who says her group -- which has, helpfully, prepared this Moving a Home in University Park resource guide -- and the church have been working for more than a year just to make the house available to anyone who wants it and can afford to move it. "Somewhere, there's a person out there looking for something like this."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.