Zac Can Do, Can't He?

I'm asked this three times a day, at the very least: "Zac's kidding, right?" Or, "What's Zac thinking?" Or, "He's not serious, is he?" Seems no one wants to take former Observer music editor, and my good friend, Zac Crain at his word when he says he's running for Dallas mayor in order to save the city from the complacency and corruption that has turned the so-called Can Do City into the Can't Do Nothing For Ya Man City. Seems everyone wants to marginalize him as either an American Airlines-employed stooge doing the Wright thing for his employer (he's an editor at inflight mag American Way), or as a guy whose sole purpose in life was to piss off shitty local bands way back when. Never mind that during his last few years here, Zac wrote about issues involving code compliance and the homeless; never mind the fact he's 31 now, no longer a kid sharpening his teeth on the bones of Deep Ellum. He says he's sincere, he says he's serious, and I believe him. Find out if you do tonight at the Sons of Hermann Hall, when Zac delivers his first campaign speech at around 8 p.m.--between sets by Shibboleth and Sorta and food catered by the All Good Cafe. If nothing else, come see me. I'll be introducing Zac--not as an Observer writer shilling a candidate, but as the guy who hired him at the Observer 10 years ago and has been trying to make it up to him ever since. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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