Zac Crain: No More Flip-Flopping (Stomach, Anyway)

Zac Crain, who apparently used to work here, turned in his paperwork today, which means he's now (almost) an official candidate for mayor.

Our pal Zac Crain just called from the car -- on his way back from City Hall, where he dropped off his paperwork to git himself on the ballot for the mayoral election. He's official now, one of the 11 (so far) who made the 5 p.m. deadline to get on the ballot. Despite some panicky e-mails sent out on Zac's behalf yesterday insisting he didn't have enough signatures to make the ballot, Zac figures he wound up with 600 -- "give or take" -- which ought to be enough to give him a cushion should the City Secretary disqualify a few for whatever reason. (And, yeah, I talked to Zac last night when I got one missive with the subject heading "EMERGENCY," and he brushed it off, insisting he had the 473 needed -- but he wanted more just to be safe. Sound thinking there.)

"We've done evetrything we can," Zac says, "and now we just have to wait and hear back tomorrow some time that we're on [the ballot]. My stomach automatically feels better. I've had a flip-flopping stomach all morning, just because there are no do-overs. We had to go down there and be ready."

And he says he is; Zac feels good about the 600 signatures, since 473 would have been, as he says, a little "short-sighted." But, still, the former Dallas Observer music editor says he'll be a little freaked till the official A-OK comes in tomorrow.

"If I get the call tomorrow that says we can only use 460 of these, I am gonna go into a bit of a funk, to put it euphamistically. "I won't feel bad for myself. I'll feel bad for leading this charge and having a bunch of people who donated their time and money and energy and voices and...Well, to let that many people down in one fell swoop, I dunno, I'd feel like Laura." Apparently, it is on. --Robert Wilonsky

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