Zac Crain may or not become mayor, but he does know the good rock from the bad. Gary Griffith, not s'much.

Zac's Tracks o' Wax, This Time With Sound

A Friend of Unfair Park sends word today that he's been listening to advance tracks from the double-disc comp due out shortly to raise some campaign dough for our pal and Your Future Mayor (OK, settle down) Zac Crain. Our Friend (who writes, "Much good news on every level there") snagged the trio of tunes -- from Red Monroe, Voot Cha Index and J.D. Whittenburg -- over at Amanda Newman's Web site, Boca Tinta. Makes sense, as Newman and Kris Youmans, who worked on the disc, are now booking "Zac Crain Saturdays" at Club Dada, which kicked off last weekend. (Ya know, as much as I love a Zac Crain Saturday, his Sunday mornings are even better.)

The disc, featuring 32 tracks we've already listed for you, will be out soon enough. Before that -- like, oh, tomorrow, jes mebbbe -- we too will have one or two songs from the comp up here on Unfair Park. Till then, Red Monroe's "Our Love" is worth the repeated listen. Play loud. The guy in the cubicle next to you will love it. --Robert Wilonsky

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