10 Questions: Chris Zielke

Born in Madrid and raised in South America, the man behind Bolsa wound up in Dallas on a whim. As a kid--and this period of his life lasted well into his 30s--Zielke studied philosophy, theology...and the art of slinging cocktails to thirsty barhoppers.

The former Dragonfly bartender still pours drinks in his spare time, working weekends at Suite. But these days, he's known as the owner of just about the city's hottest restaurant--an Oak Cliff concept built around fresh, locally grown ingredients delivered daily.

So why work when your own place draws overflow crowds? Well, perhaps he's a little paranoid...

1. Don't you sometimes crave a trip to Taco Bueno?
For a late night drunk, yes--but then its Taco Cabana instead, because it's still open. I know from experience.

2. Wouldn't you rather be in Plano?

3. Volvo or Mercedes?
Volvo--that's what I drive. I'm not that cool.

4. Who is the most useful philosopher?
Yogi Berra. He's always quotable.

5. Just once, everyone should eat at...?
Wingfield's. It's in Oak Cliff. I don't think they've ever cleaned the grill and the burgers, they're a heart attack in between a bun. But it's outstanding.

6. Why still work in a bar?
I'm paranoid. At least I'm too paranoid to be dependent on one income. And it substitutes for a real social life.

7. Once place the city couldn't do without is...?
The Men's Club. This is Dallas, after all.

8. Why cut the ponytail?
I'm not as young as I used to be.

9. Who would you most like to be trapped in an elevator with?
For how long? Probably an elevator repairman.

10. If, while trapped, only one 70s disco song played over and over, which one could you tolerate?
I missed the 70s, at least in the U.S. It would have to be something by the Bee Gees or, I don't even know, YMCA? Uh, not with an elevator repairman.

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