10 Questions: Sasha Cohen

You may know her as an Olympic silver medalist, but the 24 year-old skating superstar had already raked in a good portion of the world's precious metal supply thanks to podium finishes at, oh, the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, the World Championships, the U.S. Nationals, Skate Canada, Skate America...

Cohen also headlines the Smucker's Stars on Ice tour (February 14, 3:00 p.m. at the American Airlines Center).

You may not know her as an avid gourmand and fine-dining fanatic. Yes, she's eaten just about everywhere and everything...except a McDonald's hamburger.

1. You don't think of skaters eating all that much. What happened with you?
We work out a lot. And I'm lucky--I have a good metabolism and grew up in a family that liked to go out or try new things at home. And they took us to Europe a few times.

2. Don't coaches try to control what you eat?
You need to watch your weight, of course.

3. In all your travels, is there on dish that stands out?
No, probably not. I'm really bad about favorites because I like new experiences. But the best was El Bulli in Spain, one of the greatest restaurants in the world. We had like 30 courses and it was amazing. But you're still hungry afterward--you want something normal, a steak--because these are thimble-sized plates that just go 'poof.' It was fun.

4. Which city has the best restaurants? And you can't say New York or San Francisco.
But I would have gone with New York. There are just so many restaurants. There are some cities in Europe with a good selection of restaurants, but they're so expensive--you think, I'll just go casual tonight.

5. What did you think of The Cutting Edge?
I loved it. I love skating movies and it was one of the best ever made.

6. You know that scene where he throws up before going on the ice? Did you ever...?
I get really nervous, but no. I don't think it really happens that much with any skater.

7. Do you think you could do one of the big 16-ounce Dallas steaks?
No, definitely not. I'm more of a 6-ounce filet person. I tend to eat pretty healthy--lots of salads. If you look through my fridge it's like a rabbit lives there.

8. Is there anything you've tried that you never want to eat again?
Pork belly. It's a little fatty for me.

9. If you had to, McDonald's, Wendy's or Burger King?
I never eat fast food, ever. I grew up in a family where we didn't eat fast food. I think I went into McDonald's once for a cookie, but I've never gotten burgers there. I use all my extra calories for desserts--cupcakes, cookies.

10. In today's global market, is it possible to find a dish or flavor that's really unusual?
I like being introduced to new cuisines. I remember learning Indian flavors. I think my next thing will be African. I've never been to an African restaurant.

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