Hear us out on this one, guys.EXPAND
Hear us out on this one, guys.
Beth Rankin

100 Favorite Dishes, No. 90: Cashew Butter Sandwich at The Lot

Leading up to September's Best of Dallas® 2017 issue, we're sharing (in no particular order) our 100 Favorite Dishes, the Dallas entrées, appetizers and desserts that really stuck with us this year.

We can already feel your raised-eyebrow disbelief: Are we really advocating that you, a full grown adult who presumably pays bills and actually knows what a deductible is, eat what is essentially an $8 riff on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with tater tots?

Yup. And we're particularly convinced you'll dig it after a sunny afternoon bike ride, too.

Located just off the Santa Fe hike and bike trail, with ample bike parking and a serious commitment to scenic outdoor seating, The Lot is a prime spot to indulge your inner 10-year-old. After a long ride (and probably with a few more miles to go), a heavy, meaty meal just doesn't seem like the right call.

Enter the cashew butter sandwich, made with hearty, rustic nine-grain toast, house-made cashew butter and local honey. The hippie bread combined with the perfectly grainy, rich cashew butter and warm sweetness from the honey create a sandwich that feels like childhood but better, because it's moderately healthy but, unlike during childhood, you can wash it down with booze. Spend the extra two bucks to upgrade the french fries to sweet potato tater tots to really get the full experience.

This sweet little sandwich is a valuable reminder: Not all good food has to be over-the-top or, hell, even particularly grown-up. Sometimes our inner 10-year-old just knows best.

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