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A First Look at Yucatan Taco Stand, Now Open on Greenville Avenue

Welcome to Dallas, Yucatan Taco Stand (2023 Greenville Ave), though you're not really a stand at all. You're a full blown restaurant complete with a copper-clad bar, a spacious patio and enough tequila to erase any memory that you or any other taco stand ever existed, ever.

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It's just past noon, though, and I'm here for the tacos, starting with that signature number touted at the top of your menu. The tempura fish taco presents simple white fish with a crispy coating and garnishes that include cabbage and a garlic sauce. The tortillas are store bought, but they're steamed, which lends that freshly cooked texture without resorting to an oily grill.

Ground sirloin, shredded beef and others make their way into burritos, burrito bowls and even sandwiches on a menu that takes the Chipotle approach to turning a handful of ingredients into an endless number of dishes. There are nachos, too, and those little picadillo empanadas pictured above, though they're not filled with the mixture of spiced ground beef you're used to. These are filled with finely ground meat and melted cheese.

What makes Yucatan not seem like just another fast casual restaurant, though, besides all that tequila, is the massive circular bar that frames the entrance, a number of televisions and plenty of outdoor seating. Everything seems to say, eat your tacos, buddy, but then stay a while. Take in some random sporting event and drink.

Clearly, it's working. The Dallas location is the fourth to open. There are Yucatan Taco Stands in Forth Worth, Oklahoma City and The Woodlands.

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