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A Lucky Time For Lucky's Chicken With Three New Locations

Lucky's Hot Chicken location in Webb Chapel
Lucky's Hot Chicken location in Webb Chapel Vandelay Hospitality Group
Vandelay Hospitality, a Dallas-based restaurant group, has announced three new locations for their Nashville hot chicken concept, Lucky's Chicken, all opening in North Texas this summer.

Lucky's opened its first location on Gaston Avenue in East Dallas in September 2020.

One new location has already opened at 3016 Forest Lane in Dallas (the Webb Chapel area), complete with a drive-thru, which is a first for Lucky's. The second location will open in Richardson at 1545 East Belt Line Road (near North MacArthur Boulevard) later this summer and will also have a drive-thru.

Finally, a third space will open in Oak Lawn on Lemmon Avenue where Einstein's Brothers Bagels used to be but will be dine-in only. There are also future plans for them to open two more locations in Pleasant Grove and Grand Prairie.

Vandelay Hospitality Group has been establishing restaurants since 2012 and developing concepts to showcase American culture through ambiance and cuisine. Along with Lucky's, they have opened up several other neighborhood-style restaurants including East Hampton Sandwich Co., The Anchor Bar and Brentwood. There's also Hudson House and Drake's Hollywood, which both have locations in California.
Each Lucky's location has décor that fits a retro theme with red and white checkered floors, '60s-style aluminum countertops and neon signs.

Lucky's offers four spice levels for their chicken sandwiches and tenders, including No Heat, Feelin' Lucky, Damn Lucky and Best of Luck for the risk-takers. Their menu staples include the Big Lou Chicken Sandwich and the slider combo, which comes with one tender and one slider with pickles and slaw. Their sides include mac n' cheese and Howlin' fries, which are tossed in a spice blend.
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Lucky's Big Lou Chicken Sandwich with a side of shake fries
Vandelay Hospitality Group
Customers can also get the Family Fare option if they want Lucky's for a gathering or party. This includes packages for four to six people, big platters of chicken tenders, a choice of sides, a 16-ounce container of any sauce and a gallon of lemonade or iced tea.

All locations will be open from 11 a.m. - 11 p.m. Follow @LuckysHotChicken on Instagram and Facebook and sign up for updates at
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