Abraham Salum
Abraham Salum

Abraham Salum Hopes to Open Komali This Month

Komali, Abraham Salum's eagerly anticipated restaurant dedicated to regional Mexican cuisine, will hopefully open the last week in January, Salum told City of Ate. Salum, a native of Mexico City, is well-known for his popular eatery Salum, where the menu plays with elements of Mediterranean, American and Continental cooking. It is next to Salum that Komali will open. News of Komali was first broken by former City of Ate contributor Steven Doyle.

As the chef told us, "Komali will focus on a different type of cuisine, more home cooking and some contemporary Mexican cuisine." Regions to be represented on Komali's menu include Oaxaca, Veracruz, the Yucatan and central Mexico. The kitchen will also produce handmade corn tortillas.


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