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Anthony Bombaci Is Now Officially the Executive Chef of Both CBD Provisions and Americano

New menu items have come to Americano with its new executive chef.
New menu items have come to Americano with its new executive chef. Americano
A new chef is at the head of CBD Provisions and Americano in The Joule hotel in downtown Dallas. Anthony Bombaci, who you may know as having led the kitchen at Nana, where he earned a James Beard Award nomination for best chef in the Southwest, is now the executive chef of the two.

Most recently, he was the chef de cuisine of Macellaio in Bishop Arts.

A release went out Thursday, focusing mostly on Americano, where he’s debuted a menu with more items. More pizza is on it, including a fresh burrata pizza with heirloom tomatoes, pesto arugula and lemon, which seems less than seasonal as we write in December.

But a bacon pizza with pancetta, guanciale, taleggio, mozzarella and spice honey has our interest, as well as a sweet chili pizza with fontina, Parmesan, jalapeño, Anaheim pepper, sweet chili glaze and radish.

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The sweet chili pizza
On the pasta side, we’re seeing a selection that’s nearly doubled. Classics are coming in, such as a Bolognese tagliardi with Calabrian chili.

The space also has been updated with rows of new banquettes in the bar aimed at accommodating groups. The glass-enclosed patio we all know is still there.

We haven’t heard back on what if any changes are up for CBD Provisions. We’re assuming none at this point (which is good, because we love those pork rinds).

The Joule, 1530 Main St. (downtown)
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