Belly & Trumpet to Replace Bowery as Uptown's Hot Dog Bubble Bursts

Both the Bowery and The Stand sought to bring casual hot dog concepts to McKinney Avenue. Each closed shortly after opening. It would seem the Uptown hot dog bubble collapsed as quickly as it inflated.

Now the Bowery's creators, Richard & Tiffanee Ellman from Oak and John Paul Valverde, who recently opened Outpost American Tavern in Oak Cliff, have announced their replacement concept. Belly & Trumpet will open Tuesday, February 12 for dinner.

While the Bowery concept attempted to elevate the pedestrian hot dog, Belly & Trumpet's menu attempts to elevate small plates clear into the stratosphere. Don't expect chicken wings, sliders and other "gastropub" snacks here. Beet involtini (thin sheets of root veg, rolled and garnished with crostini) and pork belly flanked with elegant vegetables point to some really involved plates at the new space.

Not too elegant, though, according to the news release. Valverde describes Belly & Trumpet as "striking, regal and comfortable."

Belly & Trumpet, 3407 McKinney Ave., 214-855-5551

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