Beto Taking Biden to Whataburger on Texas Independence Day: Genius

Where else would they go?
Where else would they go? courtesy Whataburger

More proof that Beto knows his way to the heartstrings of Texans: Last night while throwing his full support behind former U.S. Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, Beto worked in an amazing photo opportunity (and dinner) at a local Whataburger. 

Former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg also threw his weight behind Biden's campaign, albeit at a “chicken joint” as Reuters described it. The Foundry and Chicken Scratch is more of a hipster outdoor space and music venue, but whatever works works. (Until it doesn't. Keep reading.)

It appears Biden ordered a No. 1 at Whataburger, paid in cash and got a shake to go along with it. Beto (of course) livestreamed the entire thing and also used a photo of the two clearly at a Whataburger for his official announcement on supporting Biden for his site. 

Meanwhile, on Twitter people were ready to burn the internet down over the "chicken joint" reference to Whataburger. I know it's a very sensitive issue and people are likely to pull the car over for that reference. But, let's calm down real quick. As previously mentioned, Buttigieg, Biden and Beto were all at Chicken Scratch prior to Whataburger. So, Reuters' headline is sort of correct, it just didn't match the photo at the time.

Reuters deleted the photo and some writer or editor will never forget that day they did that thing to Texas and Whataburger during an election.

The best headline has to go to CNN for "Oh Whata night: Biden, O'Rourke seal endorsement with trip to Whataburger." Well played. Just imagine if they could have wrapped in a visit to a Buc-ee’s and a Dairy Queen.

For now, how does a bacon and cheese with grilled jalapeños sound? 
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