Better Than Sex is bringing desserts and cocktails to Plano, all fitting the assumed theme.EXPAND
Better Than Sex is bringing desserts and cocktails to Plano, all fitting the assumed theme.
Alex Gonzalez

Is Dessert Better Than Sex? This New Plano Restaurant Is Making Us Wonder

Better Than Sex is a new dessert and cocktail bar aiming to provide a date night of lustful, sexy proportions.

Upon entering Better Than Sex, one may feel they're stepping into a slightly more tame swingers lounge. The brick walls are bedecked with grayscale photographs of nude models, with breasts, genitals and gluteals all visible. The tables are all encased with semitransparent red curtains, creating an intimate feeling between the guest and their date(s).

Better Than Sex originally opened in Key West, Florida, by husband-wife duo Len and Dani Johnson in 2008. Another husband-wife duo, Derrick Miller and Sheila Phalen-Miller, discovered the original location while on vacation in Key West six years ago.

Alex Gonzalez

“We asked all the locals what we should do, and everybody suggested this dessert restaurant,” Derrick says. “We went to Better Than Sex to check it out, and it was love at first sight. Fast forward years later, I actually get transferred out to Orlando for another job. While we're there, we find out that they actually have a Better Than Sex there as well. We went in, found out that they were franchising, and now here we are today.”

While Better Than Sex’s location in Plano may seem like a weird addition to the more conservative suburban city, Derrick feels the community has been welcoming and accommodating. He also feels that this specific storefront is a match made in heaven.

“We looked at Frisco, Legacy West, then we walked into this building and fell in love with it,” Derrick says. “We love the charm of this neighborhood and the tight-knit community here with all of the business owners. We just want to bring something different to this area.”

The lucky shot. (And sorry about the lighting; but are you really surprised it's dark in here?)EXPAND
The lucky shot. (And sorry about the lighting; but are you really surprised it's dark in here?)
Alex Gonzalez

Better Than Sex’s menu only contains two categories: drinks and desserts. The wine cocktails come with signature “rim jobs,” meaning they are in wine glasses rimmed with melted chocolate. Guests are encouraged to lick the chocolate off of the glasses.

Notable wine cocktails include the klimax ($14), a glass of Banfi’s Rosa Regale sparkling red wine in a white chocolate-rimmed glass. Equally good is the berry naughty ($14), Biutiful Malbec in a glass rimmed with semisweet chocolate and topped with raspberry sugar.

Signature shots include the lucky shot ($6.69), Better Than Sex’s housemade Irish cream liquor (or “licker,” as it’s listed on the menu) served in a shot glass with homemade whipped cream on top. Those who don’t want whipped cream can order the lucky shot with “lube,” or white chocolate mousse, instead.

The morning afterEXPAND
The morning after
Alex Gonzalez

It goes without saying that Better Than Sex’s dessert menu contains a lot of scandalously named items, but perhaps the unlikely hero of these suggestive delights is the morning after ($12.69).

(Note: Many of the menu items are priced with 69 cents).

The morning after is a grilled brie sandwich with melted Belgian chocolate, topped with powdered sugar and served with a side of strawberry-Champagne dipping sauce.

Overall, Better Than Sex makes for a fun date night. Sure, the drinks and desserts may be a bit pricey, but the restaurant itself makes for a fun, grown-up getaway.

But according to Derrick, there is no age restriction at Better Than Sex.

Yikes. Let’s just hope the guests have enough sense not to bring their kids. Talk about a mood killer.

Better Than Sex, 1010 E. 15th St., Plano. Open 5 p.m.-midnight Wednesday-Sunday. Closed Monday-Tuesday. 469-925-5141.

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