Beverley's Brings a Breezy, Springtime-Perfect Upscale Bistro to Fitzhugh

Inside Beverley's, a new upscale neighborhood bistro on Fitzhugh, it feels like springtime. The sunlight bounces off white walls and mirrors, and the spring breeze flows freely thanks to a wall of open windows overlooking a courtyard growing verdant from crawling ivy. The restaurant opened a few weeks ago, but even by 5:30 p.m., the room is filling up and the bar is already full. This is Greg Katz's dream: an upscale neighborhood restaurant that feels like a New York sidewalk bistro.

"I chose this location because I knew that I wanted to have sort of this New York-inspired neighborhood bistro, and I knew that Fitzhugh would bring that," Katz says.

With Beverley's, Katz was going for "light, bright and modern," he says, and it certainly feels that way, especially with the breeze through the open windows. Once inside Beverley's, you feel like you could be in any bustling American city, and the menu feels similarly placeless, but not in a bad way. You'll find a lot of the dishes Dallas diners have come to expect: a dry-aged double cheeseburger ($15), burrata toast ($15), steak tartare ($18), mussels and frites ($24). There's nothing unexpected on the menu — or in the currently trending decor of marble tabletops, bright white walls and mirrors — but that means that for Beverley's to stand out, it's all in the execution.

Beverley's Aperol Spritz is the ideal spring sipper.EXPAND
Beverley's Aperol Spritz is the ideal spring sipper.
Beth Rankin

During my early visit, it seemed to be executing quite well. The cocktail menu is populated by plenty of classics like an Aperol Spritz that was the perfect sunny afternoon sipper. Ravinder Singh, formerly of restaurants such as Macellaio and Rapscallion, is leading the bar program, which also includes a few beer options along with a modest menu of wines by the glass and bottle.

Beverley's feels like the ideal place for cocktail hour and snacks, like the caviar and latkes ($12) and chicken liver and foie toast ($14). Katz is at the helm of both the front and back of the house, and Josh Sutcliff, formerly of Mirador, has been helping with early menu development.

"The whole first part of my career was all cooking, and the second part has been all front of house and operation," says Katz, who most recently worked at Headington Companies, where he helped develop concepts like CBD Provisions and Sassetta. "I basically sort of run the restaurant with a back of the house mentality, I guess."

The bar at Beverley'sEXPAND
The bar at Beverley's
Beth Rankin

More than anything, Beverley's is meant to be a neighborhood joint, and while it's still early, it seems to have succeeded in that.

"I knew we would be busy, but I didn't realize it would be how it's been," Katz says. "The neighborhood has just embraced us."

Being on the edge of Uptown, Knox-Henderson and Park Cities means Beverley's is pulling from more than one neighborhood, but its upscale bistro fare seems to be appealing to all of them. Katz believes that we're living in the golden age of the upscale neighborhood restaurant in Dallas.

Beverley's caviar and latkesEXPAND
Beverley's caviar and latkes
Beth Rankin

"It's a great time to be in the restaurant business here," he says. "It's awesome that the neighborhoods are supporting the restaurants in their neighborhood."

And while we bask in this beautifully temporary spring weather, it feels like a great time to sip an Aperol Spritz and snack on oysters at Beverley's, too.

Beverley's, 3215 N. Fitzhugh Ave. Open 4:30-10 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday.

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