You break it, you bought it.EXPAND
You break it, you bought it.
Susie Oszustowicz

Pick Up This Tiny Hammer to Bust Into Bourbon & Banter's Most-Instagrammed Cocktail

The most famous of the cocktails at Bourbon & Banter is the Pompadour. The hands-on cocktail begs to be destroyed with the small watch hammer that is offered up with the cocktail. Since humans are naturally destructive, we're all over this. So, suffice it to say, if any of your Snapchat friends have been to the speakeasy in the basement of The Statler, you've seen a snap of this baby being smashed.

The cocktail itself is an elegant plussed-up old fashioned featuring the Fort Worth favorite, TX Bourbon. They double down on the flavor by adding a whisper of Venezuelan dark golden rum and top it off with a (harder than expected) sugar disc.


Pompadour ($15): TX Bourbon, Diplomatico Exclusiva, Angostura, vanilla tincture, brûléed sugar disc

Bourbon & Banter in the Statler Hotel,1914 Commerce St. (Downtown)

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