So many Dallas participants.
So many Dallas participants.

Caviar, the Restaurant Delivery Service from Square, Is Now Delivering in Dallas

It seems every year a few delivery systems start up in Dallas, promising to save teenage stoners with the munchies trips to Taco Bell drive-thrus. There was that P-nutty's company, with a Welsh Corgi as a mascot. That one went under. More recently a start-up called Minibar promised booze delivery in Dallas, and then Postmates got into the game, promising almost anything, delivered anytime.

Now Square is tossing their homepage in the ring. The San Fransisco-based credit card processor recently acquired Caviar, a service that partners with restaurants to provide delivery to customers from businesses that don't normally deliver. They start service in Dallas today, and already have a decent list of restaurants they're working with.

Bob's Steak & Chop House, Joyce & Gigi's Kitchen, Môt Hai Ba and that Quesa place we recently previewed are in. Caviar is now working with about 30 restaurants.

Picture this. You've got an afternoon presentation. You're going through the slides, rehearsing your pitch, when that sleepy, low-iron feeling gets you down. With just a few clicks and a short wait -- boom! Tomahawk steak. Now you're holding court while everyone else is buried in the numbers.

Or let's say you're sick. Your friends are all jerks, and you need some sustenance you can keep down. A click or two past Môt Hai Ba's menu will have you slurping on a heartwarming bowl of pho. All you have to do is manage to crawl to your door. Caviar has even solved the Zoli's Pizza delivery conundrum.

If you're like me and you're wondering how well most of this food will fare after it's boxed up and shuttled across town, there's a little incentive to give Caviar a go. They're offering free delivery on your first order. Dream up your most decadent couch meal and get to clicking. Your calories await.

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