Chef Stephan Pyles Blogs Progress of New Restaurant Stampede 66

Chef Stephan Pyles' new restaurant Stampede 66, which will be at Park 17 in Uptown (1717 McKinney Ave., northwest corner of Akard Street), is expected to open in early October. Chef Jon Thompson of Samar has been anointed executive chef. The concept: "Think modern Texas with a casual, creative and high-energy ambiance."

This new restaurant, like Star Canyon, is true to all that is Texas. The name is a relic of Pyles' childhood and almost every aspect, from menu to the design of the ceiling, oozes Texas pride. But don't listen to me. Let Pyles himself tell you. Because what does one of the founders of Ssouthwestern cuisine, owner of three of the best restaurants in Dallas, consultant and cookbook writer have to do at the end of the day? Blog, of course.

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Chef Pyles is documenting the progress of Stampede 66 on Wordpress at chefstephanpylesblog.com. This week he explains the meaning behind the name of his new restaurant; replete personal stories and photographs.

He's posted two articles so far and it looks like he's aiming for weekly updates.

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