4 Restaurants Close While Others Move to New Digs

Writer Nick Rallo was a big fan of the  "Andes Burger" at Nazca Kitchen. (Editor's note: The fries were phenomenal, too.)
Writer Nick Rallo was a big fan of the "Andes Burger" at Nazca Kitchen. (Editor's note: The fries were phenomenal, too.) Nick Rallo
A big closure was announced last week, as Savor had its last day of service over the weekend. The restaurant is important to Klyde Warren Park, as its rent goes toward the park's budget.

Don't expect to see overflowing trash cans anytime soon, but the park’s operations are funded by the nonprofit for it — a partnership with the city, which owns the park.

The space, truly a beautiful one with a spectacular view of the skyline, will host events for now with the intention to later have another restaurant.

“I really enjoyed Savor and hope they can find a new resident for that beautiful spot. We often went to Savor when visiting [Klyde Warren Park] or the Arts District,” says Calvert Collins-Bratton, president of the Dallas Park and Recreation Board. “There are few places in Dallas where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine while overlooking a concert, movie or yoga class in an incredible destination park. Savor has been a major draw, in addition to the food trucks, providing a multitude of options for diners. I sincerely hope the park will have a new resident restaurant soon because we want park users to be able to enjoy our public space many hours at a time.”

Paul Martin’s, a chain out of Austin, has closed in Turtle Creek Village. The restaurant had been closed temporarily since March, CultureMap reports.

We also hear the downtown Jimmy John’s has closed. We’re waiting on confirmation if this is temporary or permanent. (Yes, it’s a chain, but one people in downtown frequent, even if not enough during the pandemic.)

Nazca Kitchen, the spot in Northeast Dallas serving South American food, has also closed its doors permanently. The restaurant had been open for nearly eight years.

Goodbye and thanks Dallas! #foodforthegods

Posted by Nazca Kitchen - South American Cafe on Friday, August 21, 2020
One of Pizza Hut’s biggest franchises, NPC International, has filed for bankruptcy, and as a result, around 300 locations of the Plano-based pizza joint will close.

On to some happier news: Critic Brian Reinhart is excited about Spicy Zest moving into a new space in Frisco, which will give the restaurant more square footage. The first day of service was Friday, and Reinhart was already there to experience it — so more to come on that later.

Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee opened Thursday. That one, I can speak to. By the time this comes out, I will have visited the chain that serves speedy dishes I haven’t had since living in the country. So look to see more on what both I and chef Randall Braud think about it next week.

On Rotation craft brewery is moving from Lakewood to Dallas Love Field. CultureMap reports it will be in the new space of the airport, The Braniff Centre, the former home of Braniff Airlines, of course. This move allows On Rotation to expand its production capacity, start selling beer in cans and build a kitchen — something we know bars and breweries are more interested in than ever.

Know of a restaurant that has closed or plans to open in your neighborhood? Let us know.
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