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Dallas' 10 Best Places for Vegans and Omnivores to Eat Together in Harmony

As we've previously discussed, being a vegan in Dallas isn't a miserable and lonely existence, so long as you know how to navigate eating situations involving friends, family and coworkers.

A crucial piece of information to have in your back pocket is a restaurant list. But not just any restaurant list. Some meat eaters expect to eat meat at every meal and sometimes in more than one way. I love Spiral Diner and Kalachandji's, but if your eating company thinks they need meat lest they die, those places are a non-starter.

But there are plenty of places vegans and omnivores can both eat a meal that they'll enjoy. Here are 10 of Dallas' best.

Anvil Pub (above) Anvil offers a variety of options, because Daiya cheese easily transforms many items into vegan dishes. That means vegan sandwiches, pizza, nachos, chili, and more. Basically all the foods that go well with ice cold beer, which they conveniently serve on tap.

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Liz Goulding
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