Feed Company’s a Better Brunch on Lower Greenville

This patio is one you could spend all day on.
This patio is one you could spend all day on. Taylor Adams
Sunday’s brunch was supposed to feature a newer place on Lower Greenville. But it turns out our usual parking lot in the area isn’t $5 on Sunday mornings like it is at night: It’s $20 at brunch time.

So the only reason we went to a place I’ve seen for a while but have never stepped into is because it has its own parking lot. Luckily, there’s no regret in making that last-minute change in plans.

Feed Company eatery and bourbon lounge has been in the neighborhood for about two years, sitting just off of Greenville Avenue — it’s a place you drive by while circling a few blocks looking for free parking. That could be why it wasn’t busy during brunch, because it can’t be because of the food or atmosphere.

The large patio welcomes you in brightly, with half of it fully open and half under a covering. Plenty of seats allow diners to enjoy this space where anyone would want to take their time, especially on a sunny morning.

The brunch menu offers plenty, but isn’t too ambitious, with a page of starters, salads, entrees and sandwiches.

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FC Poppers: smoked chicken, cheddar cheese and jalapeño wrapped in bacon and topped with hot sauce and dill ranch
Taylor Adams
The FC Poppers stand out at the top of the list ($13). The smoked chicken is tender, stuffed alongside a sliver of jalapeño and some Monterey Jack cheese. Wrapped in bacon and topped with hot sauce and dill ranch, this almost seems like junk food you would’ve made at home after school as a teenager. But there’s not much wrong with that.

To elevate your palate, there’s an arugula and egg salad that’s simply light and satisfying. The bright lemon vinaigrette is the type that can work on virtually any salad, but it does particularly well here with arugula tossed with red onion, Parmesan, tomato and radish.

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Arugula and egg salad: arugula, avocado, red onion, roasted beet, Parmesan, tomato, radish, sunny-side-up egg and lemon vinaigrette (half portion is pictured)
Taylor Adams
The egg on top makes it worthy of being a meal on its own. This was supposed to come with avocado and roasted beet, neither of which came out in our bowls. If our table had been checked more quickly, it wouldn’t have been a problem (we ended up eating sliced avocado by itself at the end of the meal).

On the sandwich side, there are a few burgers alongside some chicken or turkey options. The pastrami looks promising with house-cured and smoked wagyu brisket on rye with Dijon mustard and sauerkraut ($15).

A year ago, shrimp and grits seemed to be on every brunch menu. It has since subsided, thankfully, as a lot of places made poor excuses for grits. But you can get it here, where they’re putting some effort into grits that have the right texture and flavor. The stone-ground, gouda grits lay beneath a sauce that’s only slightly rich but lacking in spice. There’s hot sauce for that, though, and the overall execution was well done. The shrimp was cooked as it should be and complemented the dish appropriately.

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Shrimp and grits (half portion is pictured)
Taylor Adams
One reason Feed Company can have a step above most places serving brunch: Every egg that arrived on the table was cooked perfectly. While most places are consistent with delivering under- or overcooked eggs — anything but what’s actually ordered — it’s evident the Feed Company kitchen staff is putting time and a bit more care into their preparations.

There’s a mimosa ($5) or a Kentucky coffee with coffee, bourbon, sugar and cream ($7). Feed Company thankfully serves Noble Coyote coffee, which makes that simple drink a solid decision ($3). Cocktails appear somewhat creative though overall approachable. The Seabiscuit sour, for example, has Weller Special Reserve whiskey, egg white, lemon juice, ginger-infused Texas honey and orange — a perfect glass for that patio ($12).

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Take a seat at Feed Company.
Taylor Adams
The patio space begged for us to return. The spacious layout offers a more-than-pleasant spot for brunch, and it also seems like a good spot to drink a Manhattan at a later hour ($10). Either way, there’s free parking at this Lower Greenville spot, making it immediately more accessible than other places in the neighborhood. It just happens to also be better, overall.

Feed Company, 5631 Alta Ave. (Lower Greenville)., 214-821-3415. Brunch: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.
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