Prince Edward Island mussels steamed in a white wine, citrus, fennel and chili broth ($6)EXPAND
Prince Edward Island mussels steamed in a white wine, citrus, fennel and chili broth ($6)
Alex Gonzalez

Budget Bites: Apertivi Hour at MoMo Italian Kitchen Has Us Eager for 5 p.m.

Happy hour just got molto bene at MoMo Italian Kitchen in Lake Highlands.

This spot offers pastas, pizzas, risottos, meats and fish dishes in a quaint and lovely setting. And every weekday, guests of MoMo can enjoy discounted cocktails and light bites during their apertivi hour.

MoMo’s apertivi hour takes place from 5 to 7 p.m. most weekdays, and until 8 p.m. Wednesdays. During this time, select cocktails are available for $3-$7 and small plates are available for $2-$6.

Notable plates on this list include lamb meatballs served with house yogurt sauce, mint pesto and pink peppercorns ($6). Another good choice is the MoMo mussels ($6), a plate of Prince Edward Island mussels steamed in a white wine, citrus, fennel and chili broth. Lighter starter plates include the antipasto bowl ($3), a zesty mix of Marcona almonds, house-marinated olives, cheese, salami and focaccia.

Negroni sbagliato and sangriaEXPAND
Negroni sbagliato and sangria
Alex Gonzalez

As for spirits, MoMo offers a selection of wine and beers on tap. What’s special about their cocktails is they don’t contain hard liquors. MoMo only serves beer and wine, which means they get creative with their cocktails.

On the expected side is the house-made sangria ($5), a sweet, fruity elixir, refreshing and bursting with berry flavor. MoMo also offers a Negroni-esque cocktail: Instead of gin, the Negroni sbagliato is made with sparkling wine, cocchi rosa and cappelleti aperitivo ($7). MoMo’s Negroni sbagliato is easy to sip and leaves you feeling calm and relaxed, not feeling like you just got hit by a truck.

While MoMo may not be in a prominent bar district such as Uptown or Deep Ellum, their happy hour is certainly worth a try. Their hearty bites paired with their light, refreshing and inexpensive cocktails make for a lovely date night or a good post-work outing with friends.

MoMo Italian Kitchen, 8989 Forest Lane, Suite 130 (Lake Highlands)

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