Dallas Is Getting Its First 'Artisanal Toast' Restaurant

Ever since The New Yorker, Eater and the food-writing horde declared "artisanal toast" the Next Big Thing™ two years ago, toasted sliced bread has continued its improbable yet meteoric rise. From Wild Detectives' tosta menu to Cultivar's "toast program" to the avocado toast selling like, well, toast at spots like Local Press + Brew and Ascension, toast is proving to be a hot menu item in Dallas. And for as silly as it sounds, it makes some sense: It's pretty cheap, comparatively, and an easy item to produce for locations with small kitchens. 

Soon, Lowest Greenville will have its own dedicated "gourmet toast shop." Toasted Coffee + Kitchen, "an elevated eatery and bar featuring artisanal toast," is opening this summer via co-founders Joel Roldan and Bob Sinnott, according to a press release.

Toasted will have an in-house bakery, "open-air patio and loft-style second level," according to the release, along with a menu of sweet and savory toasts, "locally roasted coffee" and cocktails. 

The press release reads like a Madlib of culinary buzzwords:

From day to night, Toasted will serve as a retreat for Dallas locals to enjoy a variety of gourmet toasts, grilled cheese sandwiches and specialty sandwiches using fresh bread from its own full-scale in-house bakery. All-natural ingredients will be reflected in everything from its culinary creations prepared in its open kitchen to its locally roasted coffee, craft beer and cocktails.

... Toasted's food menu will include a wide selection of simple toasts such as sweet rye, cream cheese, and volcanic sea salt; open-faced heartier toasts including an option with country bread, bananas, coarsely chopped chocolate and sunflower sauce; grilled cheese sandwiches such as levain bread, arugula, roma tomato slice, bacon, and mozzarella; and specialty sandwiches including one with Hawaiian bread, guajillo pulled pork, pineapple, grilled red onions, and chipotle mayo. The menu will also include gluten-free and paleo options.

There's nothing more 2016 than the idea of paleo, gluten-free gourmet toast with volcanic sea salt and locally produced craft beer.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.