Only plant-based products are on the shelves at Lucky Mouth in Bishop Arts.EXPAND
Only plant-based products are on the shelves at Lucky Mouth in Bishop Arts.
Alex Gonzalez

Plant-Based Lucky Mouth Joins the New Grocery Store Pack in Bishop Arts

Going plant-based just got a whole lot easier — at least, if you're in North Oak Cliff.

At the new Lucky Mouth in the Bishop Arts District, customers can buy plant-based food, snacks and cleaning products.

Lucky Mouth is from husband-and-wife duo David Miers and Adriana Martinez, having first started as an online store in 2018. This location, under two weeks old, is the company's first brick-and-mortar and offers products from brands such as Credo and Nature’s Charm.

“We’re here to encourage people to adopt a plant-based diet,” Miers says, “and to provide for those who have chosen to eat a plant-based diet.”

Grocery stores have been a hot topic in Oak Cliff for a while now. Throughout southern Dallas, there are fewer grocery stores with fresh food, and plenty of news has been circulating about certain grocery stores going into North Oak Cliff

“I think that it is really up to the retailers to determine if the market can sustain [grocery stores] or not,” says Dallas City Council member Chad West, whose district includes Bishop Arts. “I'm not an expert in that area, but they obviously chose to come here for a reason.”

The store is fairly small but offers staples you might not find elsewhere.EXPAND
The store is fairly small but offers staples you might not find elsewhere.
Alex Gonzalez

Throughout the store, which is the size of a regular convenience store (granted, they don’t need dedicated space for meat products), shoppers will find frozen meals, spices, seitan and other meat substitutes.

Lucky Mouth also carries plant-based treats for dogs.

While the store is a lot smaller than people might expect, they offer a good variety of products for reasonable prices.

West hopes that with the opening of Lucky Mouth and other small businesses, more local business owners will set up shop in Oak Cliff.

“I'm optimistic that the little retail area that’s currently vacant will start improving and filling up soon,” West says. “It doesn't do anybody good when we've got vacancies in our retail buildings.

“I’m excited to see this kind of concept come here because it’s different. It's bringing a new concept to the area. They already have an online presence, and that will help supplement the cost of running the business.”

Miers himself has been a vegan for three years, and he believes it’s one of the best decisions he’s ever made.

“It’s been a hell of a journey,” Miers says. “I regularly say to my wife, ‘I’ve never felt better than I do right now.'”

Lucky Mouth Grocery, 196 W. Davis St., Suite 120 (Bishop Arts District)

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