Dear Snapple: An Open Letter Concerning the Abandonment of Soda

Dear Snapple,
You produce beverages -- allegedly with the best stuff on Earth -- with which many are satisfied. Some might say they even crave your drinks. Even 30 Rock has been generous with Snapple's product placement, with character Cerie going so far as to declare, "I only date guys who drink Snapple."

Long story short, many hip people who appreciate finely crafted comedy dig on the Snapple. You know you're well-loved.

But Days Gone Bite has come across at least four cases -- FOUR! -- of our own readers (as well as many other instances on the Internet) lamenting the long lost Snapple sodas.

What? Snapple sodas? Yeah, remember when you made those? Cream D'Vanilla, Jamaican Ginger Beer, Tru Root Beer, Peach Melba and the most mourned Cherry-Lime Rickey? On a fine spring day like this one, seems a shame to not be able to pop open a Snapple Cherry-Lime Rickey and quench that thirst with a tart and sweet Rickey wash.

Why, Snapple? Why? Some people surveyed for this open letter didn't recall the perfection that was the Snapple soda, but those who were conscious of their soda swilling from around 1983  (when the Snapple Lady was just hitting the airwaves) through the mid-1990s just might recall the plastic capped wonderstuffs and wonder where and why said stuff went away.

So Snapple, tell us. Why did you take the sodas -- specifically, the Cherry-Lime Rickey -- away? And will you ever bring them back (say, for an anniversary promotion or some such marketing ploy)? And so it's easier for you to respond, we did fill out the form on your Web site. Looking forward to hearing from you...and drinking a Cherry-Lime Rickey...unless it's been built up in all these memories for years, in which case we just won't admit that when the time comes.

Thanks so much,
Days Gone Bite


Yesterday at 6 p.m., Snapple's "Consumer Relations" responded via e-mail...make that form e-mail. Read the earth-shattering correspondence after the jump.

April 22, 2010
Dear [Days Gone Bite]:

Thank you for contacting us about Snapple Carbonated Cherry Lime Rickey. We appreciate your feedback, as your comments provide us with valuable information about our brands.

Our Company has been making great brands that people make a splash for more than 100 years. We are committed to listening to consumers and providing products that meet the demands and tastes of consumers in each market.

Unfortunately, Snapple Carbonated Cherry Lime Rickey is not currently in production. We have sent notice of your disappointment in the decision to our corporate team for further consideration.

To find other products in our portfolio, you can access the same sales database that we use internally by calling 1-800-696-5891. Select Option 1 for English, then Option 2 for availability questions. You can find your favorite product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Thanks again for contacting us.


Consumer Relations

So, Aters, Snapple would like to inform us that Cherry Lime Rickey is no longer in production. Shocking, right? But we should probably appreciate that they are further considering the "notice of [our] disappointment." As well they should.

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Merritt Martin
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