Welcome to #GetFried. Prepare to #GetUnderwhelmed.EXPAND
Welcome to #GetFried. Prepare to #GetUnderwhelmed.
Taylor Adams

Hard Pass: New Deep Ellum French Fry Restaurant #GetFried

Fries covered in fatty, savory toppings sound like the perfect thing to have late at night in Deep Ellum.

While you can get that at #GetFried, don’t expect it to be fast — or particularly delicious.

And yes, the hashtag is part of the name.

This chain fry cafe on the short, alley-like Pryor Street has a menu geared nearly exclusively toward fries. It also has locations in Austin; Houston; San Antonio; Buffalo; New York; Dunedin, Florida; Philadelphia; Santa Clara, California; and Egypt.

The interior at #GetFried in Deep Ellum.EXPAND
The interior at #GetFried in Deep Ellum.
Taylor Adams

Perhaps the other locations are better, but in this fast-casual space, music blasts aggressively as you walk up to order food from a disinterested staff. You can build your own assortment, which they call Dutch-style. You choose your fry, then your sauce.

The fry baskets are more complete. The 716 ($5.99 for regular/$7.99 for large) has shredded chicken and is topped with Buffalo sauce and a choice of ranch or blue cheese. It smells delightfully of Buffalo, but somehow tastes nowhere near as good.

If you get the Oh’ Canada ($6.50/8.50), don’t bother trying to figure out the awkwardly placed apostrophe. What you get is an order of poutine. The cheese curds are good, but the gravy quickly becomes too much. And it could use more salt.

Canada would have something to say about this poutine.EXPAND
Canada would have something to say about this poutine.
Taylor Adams

We asked for ours to be topped with an egg. After waiting at least five minutes for the basket, we were asked if we wanted that scrambled or fried. Fried, of course. About two minutes later, we were asked if wanted that egg salted and peppered.

The Texas Cheese Fries ($6.99/$8.99) have “drizzled cheese,” bacon, chives and chili powder. It will make you kick yourself for not going to Snuffer’s.

Texas Cheese FriesEXPAND
Texas Cheese Fries
Taylor Adams

The Rocky Balboa ($6.99/$8.99) is the Philly cheesesteak version of a fry basket, with sirloin, sautéed onion, sweet peppers, (way too many) mushrooms and cheese. The little picture on the menu makes this one look like the best, but looks are deceiving. However, this was probably the best item we’ve had so far here.

The fries themselves aren’t terrible, and you have several options: hand-cut thin, coated straight-cut, seasoned waffle, curly, sweet potato and funnel cake.

The Rocky Balboa, a riff on the Philly cheesesteak.EXPAND
The Rocky Balboa, a riff on the Philly cheesesteak.
Taylor Adams

If you still want fried foods that aren’t fries, you could try the Buffalo crunch rolls ($9.95) with chicken, Buffalo sauce, a blend of cheeses, wrapped and fried in a crispy shell. Mozzarella sticks ($6.50) and sliders on waffle fries ($9.95 for three) are also available.

While the development on this block has a few spots worth getting excited about, such as a forthcoming cidery, #GetFried needs a little more seasoning to become a worthwhile visit.

#GetFried, 2656 Main St. (Deep Ellum)

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