Does Snap Kitchen's Fettuccine "Alfredo" Suck?

To a self-confessed white flour addict with no dietary restrictions like me, Snap Kitchen’s health-conscious approach is a little scary. Studying the phrases printed on my take-away bag (“No butter ever” and “You’ll never find a speck of white flour in our house”), I braced myself for an epic lunch fail. Coming in at just under 300 calories, was it possible that their fettucine and vegetable “alfredo” would not suck as much as their bold use of quotation marks would seem to indicate? I dared to find out.

“Fast food for foodies” is the concept here. As such, the way it works is you grab your selection from the refrigerated case, then, if your food needs nuking, you can use the microwave at their condiment station. Since I was prepared to hate this so-called fettucine “alfredo,” I opted to heat it up at home, where I could make a “yucky” face without judgment. Surprisingly, it did not suck. Make no mistake; you will not confuse it with the unctuous qualities of a traditional fettucine alfredo, but the almond milk, grapeseed oil, and ground cashews do actually work to create some of the creaminess you expect from the dish. The fresh spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and bright green peas add a pop to the pasta that’s good and not just good for you. Intentionally reading the ingredients list after tasting it, I was pretty much horrified to learn I was eating brown rice noodles. I will admit, however, the difference was nearly imperceptible.

Salt, though — it needed salt. Obviously, low sodium content is part of Snap Kitchen’s health food philosophy, but going easy on the salt means the sun-dried tomatoes or lemon juice needs to be bumped up a little. If you’re not worried about your sodium intake, this can be easily remedied with an extra sprinkling of salt at home or at their condiment island, where you have access to salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, Sriracha, Frank’s hot sauce, Cholula and soy sauce.

For calorie-counters, this place is a dream. They’ve made it easy for you with color-coded portion control and all the ingredients and nutrition facts clearly labeled. Most of their meals even pop up readily when you type their name into the MyFitnessPal app. All that, and a mock fettucine alfredo that doesn’t suck.
Snap Kitchen, you’ve made a fool of me. I scoffed at your low-calorie fettucine claims, but it is you who shall have the last laugh. Next comes the real test: Will my kid even try your chia pudding? More precisely, will the words “chia pudding” even exit my mouth before he demands a PB &J? Good luck with that one.


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