There's one less Cajun food offering in East Dallas.EXPAND
There's one less Cajun food offering in East Dallas.
Beth Rankin

Alligator Cafe Seized for Nonpayment of Taxes

According to a sign posted to the front door, Alligator Cafe in East Dallas has, as of Nov. 8, been seized by the state of Texas for nonpayment of taxes. On Thursday morning, the long-running Cajun eatery in Casa Linda was dark, the sign taped to the door ominously warning, "It is against the law to enter, dismantle, take possession of or remove anything from this property."

The sign posted to Alligator Cafe's door Nov. 8.EXPAND
The sign posted to Alligator Cafe's door Nov. 8.
Beth Rankin
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Alligator Cafe's former owner Ivan Pugh, who owns Bucky Moonshine's in Deep Ellum, posted about the closure on Facebook in a long rant that implies he and Alligator's Cafe's current owners haven't seen eye to eye since he sold the East Dallas cafe to focus on the Deep Ellum location, which became Bucky Moonshine's in 2015.

"I apologize to all lovers of the Alligator Cafe and it’s [sic] employees and maybe one day I will resurrect it from the dust," Pugh writes. "In the meantime I hope to see all of you on Deep Ellum time."

We've reached out to Alligator Cafe's management for comment and will update this post if necessary.

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