Epic Cones Is Moving from Deep Ellum to Arlington

Last summer, Scott Reitz introduced us to pizza cones at Epic Cones in Deep Ellum, including the little red delivery scooter replete with a cigarette lighter, radio and roof. The small pizza cone-eria was actually part of Excuses Cafe. Now Epic Cone has a place of its own in Arlington (4331 Kelley Elliot).

"I moved to this part of the metroplex for a couple different reasons," said Chris Martinez, owner of Epic Cones. "The most important being that I wanted to be closer to my home and family. I realized that I was spending more time driving to and from work than I was spending time with my family at home."

But there was also a rent issue in an industry that notoriously operates on thin margins. Martinez realized that with all the money he's paid in rent over the past eight years he could have owned his own spot by now.

"Along with these reasons, the fear that my landlord could sell my property at any time did not make me very comfortable in putting any more time and money into the location I was in, either," Martinez said.

After scouting for a new home in different parts of the North Texas, including Dallas, at the end of it all, Martinez was pulled home.

The menu at the new spot will stay the same, except for some minor tweaking, like adding a beef fajita cone and potentially a lasagna or spaghetti cone, which "could be in the near future," Martinez said.

"We're also adding shaved ice and fresh homemade ice cream in the spring," said Martinez.

Remember that covered scooter the Reitz found last year? Well, Martinez tried to sell it because they weren't using it. But now the scooter is off the market. (Bummer.)

"The scooter will remain a permanent fixture of our new establishment," Martinez says. "The scooter represents how we got started since it was our very first delivery vehicle. Even though it is a retired delivery vehicle it still looks cool and grabs attention even if it is just sitting there. So sorry to say that if anyone was interested in it before, now they are going to have to find their own."

The Epic Cone food trucks will continue to have a presence at different events and, after some hoops have been jumped through, in Arlington.

In the meantime, the new Epic Cones in Arlington at the northeast corner of Kelley Elliot and Interstate 20 is open for lunch and dinner; the official grand opening will be next Monday. As far as the Deep Ellum spot, Excuses Extreme Cafe, an event spot, is still going, just not with Epic Cones.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.