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Five Tips for Blending Delicious Smoothies That Are Really Good for You

We've all been there. You take a weekend road trip and a notable barbecue restaurant just happens to be on your way. You eat two pounds of brisket, get back in the car and as you pull into your destination city your friend announces a desire for Tex-Mex. After five shots of tequila and as many sour cream enchiladas, you go out for more drinks and then because you're plastered and it's late night, bad pizza happens. Despite the pepperoni, you're hungover the next morning, so you eat eggs and sausage tucked into a tortilla with a blanket of cheese, and then you repeat the previous day's atrocities until your vacation is complete.

Somehow, in just one weekend, you've replicated all the damage you normally endure during the entire holiday season. You've gained weight, you feel like taking a nap after sleeping for 10 hours, and you shuffle your feet and moan when you walk. You need to take corrective dietary measures but the idea of eating a salad kills your soul a little, and besides -- the last time you ate roughage with a fork for lunch, you were hungry 90 minutes later and pummeled the office snack machine. You'd have been better off had you just ordered a burger for lunch and now you want two for dinner.

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