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Fort Worth Burger Joint Rodeo Goat Expands To The Design District

Dallas has no shortage of burgers, that's a verifiable fact. Outside of the usual chain restaurant suspects, there are what seems like dozens of Dallas restaurants who have built their entire concept around being able to elevate the classic combination of meat, cheese, and bun. Now, Fort Worth-based Rodeo Goat is throwing their hat into the ring.

If you haven't made it to Fort Worth to try Rodeo Goat's sometimes-ridiculous burger creations, it's definitely one of those places that is worth the drive. The burgers are solid and moderately priced, the atmosphere is very Cowtown, and the beer selection is well-curated. Now, though, you'll only have to take I-35 over to the restaurant's second location, planned for the Design District.

As Eater Dallas reports, the new Rodeo Goat is a "humble, one-story structure of gray concrete blocks," which means that it very much resembles its predecessor. Eater also reports that the menu will be much the same, which means that burger aficionados can now fight over whether or not the "Terlingua," a burger made with brisket chili and corn chips, or the simple "Relish Mustard Burger" is better.

Rodeo Goat's most notable menu feature, though, are the periodic Battle of the Burger features. On every menu, two limited-time burgers go head-to-head, and the most-ordered is added to the final menu. Right now in Fort Worth, the two contenders look pretty damn worthy. The "Bay of Pigs," topped with mojo braised pork and chipotle honey mustard, especially.

The expansion of the popular Fort Worth burger joint is being driven by restaurateur-in-training Sam Wynne, son of restaurateur-for-real Shannon Wynne. The elder Wynne is a partial owner in the Rodeo Goat concept, but Sam Wynne has shown serious skills in making the Goat successful. Notably, this is the younger Wynne's second Dallas opening scheduled for 2015. Earlier this year, he announced that he would open a brewpub called Braindead Brewing in Deep Ellum.

It's worth noting that the Design District is particularly well supplied with burger options. Off Site Kitchen is there, along with Papa Wynne's own Meddlesome Moth. Both are known for reliably delicious burgers with the occasional quirky twist, so Rodeo Goat will certainly have some stiff competition once its doors are open. What will likely set it apart, at least from Off Site Kitchen, is the full-service bar and cocktail program.

Of course, the Wynne name is associated with excellent beer programs and award-winning food, and we're betting that Rodeo Goat will settle into the Design District's bustling culinary scene with no problem. The restaurant hasn't announced an opening date for 2015, but posts on Facebook and Craigslistseeking experienced kitchen and front of house staff say that it will open "real soon."

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Amy McCarthy