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Heart Attack Grill Continues Death Spasms

The News' Bruce Tomaso reported this afternoon that Heart Attack Grill, the controversial burger joint in the West End, may be on its death bed:

On Wednesday, a new sign went up, this one a notice that the landlord has changed the locks "because of delinquent rent payment or violation of the tenant's lease."

He's been checking in on the restaurant since we reviewed it here and reported that business has remained lethargic.

I called owner Jon Basso's cell phone after hearing the news. We talked at length before my review ran, but he's not answering the phone now. His Facebook page contains no news of the closure, but the official website for the restaurant has been scrubbed of any Dallas location information. Previously there was a map, directions and a phone number.

Basso had already bailed on his Chandler, Arizona store without warning. He told me that closure was a business decision, but local papers reported that zoning and permit violations were posted on the door.

In short, Basso's restaurant is turning into a traveling circus. As one location opens, another closes. It's unclear whether the Dallas location is closed for good, but it looks like things aren't going well for the good Doctor.

We'll let you know if Basso calls back.

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