Here Are Some Photos of the V Spot

Dallas welcomed yet another sexual double-entendre named eatery to the scene on Wednesday: the V Spot Vegan Café.

I paid a visit to the tiny space, wedged between the Pearl Cup and We Are 1976 on Henderson. The Rolling Stones' "Jumping Jack Flash" was playing, which seemed almost too appropriate, as the Rolling Stones logo is painted on the cafe's back wall.

Small rectangle tables -- garnished with taupe tablecloths and glass vases filled with water and floating heads of peach-colored roses -- lined an exposed brick wall. The space was dimly lit and filled with plants, some freestanding, others hanging from the ceiling, creating a warm and natural vibe.

The current menu is fairly simple, a one-sided sheet of paper boasting four categories: appetizers, soup of the day, salads and entrees. Everything is made in-house, and they get their herbs from Spiceman's F.M. 1410 each morning. Also, there are no tofu or meat substitutes to be found. Executive Chef Toria Villarreal and her team are currently working on a pizza menu as well as a raw vegan menu, smoothies, elixirs and desserts.

Here are some more photos from V Spot:

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